Research Capabilities

In-Country, Local Language Research, Anywhere in the World

Trade Show Intelligence

For our clients, trade shows allow us to report unvarnished insights from conversations with industry experts and competitors. It is an efficient way for Valeo’s clients to hear and understand their market, industry, and competitors better. Deliverables from trade shows typically include:

  • Photos of competitor trade booths
  • Notes on conversations with sales teams
  • Summaries of insights learned from attendees
  • Synopses of key symposiums
  • Daily updates of trade show highlights

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Win/Loss Analysis

Improving sales often begins with a better understanding of why and how buyers purchase your products and services. Understanding why customers choose one provider over another is critical. We speak directly to your buyers and return an analysis on findings such as:

  • What factors entered into the decision?
  • How flexible was each seller in meeting needs?
  • Was sales empowerment important to the choice?
  • How was the value proposition aligned to needs?
  • Was cultural fit a factor in decision-making?

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Competitor Intelligence

Having access to competitor insights, not available in the public domain, is key to building effective strategies. At Valeo, we specialize in conducting customized primary research, where we speak directly with your targeted competitors, to capture the critical insights you need.

From this information, we can help you better understand your competitors’ strategies, product development initiatives, staffing, technologies, suppliers, distributors, and other key intelligence that will help you establish winning differentiation.

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New Market Analysis

Understanding the potential of a market is important when launching a new product or service. Using a wide variety of secondary market research sources and databases, as well as primary research, we synthesize results to help define these and other important factors:

  • The potential size of a market
  • The major competitors in a market by category
  • The composition and profile of a target customer
  • The products/services available in the market
  • The most significant trends in the market

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Channel Partner Analysis

To ensure maximum results from channel partners, it is imperative to understand their perspectives on how to drive more business to your brand. Channel partners are also often an excellent source of competitor intelligence, providing insights that can help you further differentiate your brand.

We speak with channel partners, on a blinded basis, and uncover the most important information you need to drive increased sales.

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New Product Research

At Valeo, we help clients reach out to customers to gather their feedback on potential new products and services. Based on the analysis of these findings, we help to guide the best design.

Often we’ll share prototypes with the market, on a blinded or unblinded basis, to better understand how well a potential new offering hits the mark.

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B2B Customer Research

Improving customer service, building better technologies and acquiring greater market share can all depend on your depth of understanding around how customers and potential customers deal with their own business issues. We conduct blinded research with customers to explore the critical issues they face. These insights will provide a clear view into which concerns are most critical thereby fueling your ability to provide the best solutions.

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Mergers & Acquisitions Research

When considering acquiring new partners, our clients often need support in identifying potential candidates. At Valeo, we can help you identify the range of possibilities, and explore which would meet the criteria you have established as the ideal fit. Once a refined list is determined, we will conduct a deeper dive into these targets to understand more about the attributes that drive successful acquisitions.

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