Consulting Services

Align Your Value Proposition

To ensure growth and retention, we help to innovate products and services that meet and exceed your customers’ requirements. At Valeo, we help you to align your value proposition to ensure commitment to your brand.

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Build New Products

Growth of your business can depend upon your ability to bring new products to market for your customers’ ever-changing needs. Valeo works with you to understand what products will resonate, now and in the future.

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Enter New Markets

When entering a global market, understanding the market’s size, customer base, competitor strengths and weaknesses, and geopolitical environment can all impact your success. Valeo collects these insights and analyzes them to guide your success.

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Recruit Top CI Talent

Recruiting for top talent in Competitive Intelligence (CI) requires a deep understanding of the field.  Valeo’s broad reach within the industry of CI and our extensive experience in the field make for a winning combination when recruiting the most talented professionals.

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Strengthen Channel Relationships

Keeping a finger on the pulse of what drives business through your Channel Partners can be the lifeblood of a business. At Valeo, we bring innovative ideas and research strategies to build best practices and increased sales.

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Outmaneuver Your Competitors

When the insights you need about your competitors can’t be found in the public domain, Valeo’s team of in-country, local language industry analysts go directly to the source to gather qualitative insights that will strategically inform critical decision-making.

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Improve Sales Results

When sales need to improve, the best way to begin is to understand an unbiased view of the customer’s perspective. Valeo’s research analysts speak directly to your buyers (both won and lost opportunities) and deliver meaningful insights that will drive improved results.

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