We bring decades of business strategy experience to help guide your success.

The team at Valeo has consulted with professionals from some of the most successful organizations around the globe.

While most clients have in-house strategy executives and teams that regularly work to capture market intelligence, they often need an outside partner to help understand market insights not available through their own resources.

What We Do

  • Conduct blinded qualitative research with customers, channel partners, competitors, and other market participants
  • Regularly monitor competitor moves
  • Bring fresh, outside perspectives to the team
  • Size global markets and study their participants
  • Analyze complex market findings
  • Offer recommendations and implications
  • Provide additional bandwidth to limited in-house resources

The Valeo Difference

We’ll guide you through the maze of strategic and business options so you can forge ahead with confidence, knowing you are making the right choices, every step of the way.

Our unique value comes from years of research and analysis experience combined with the ability to capture insights only trained researchers can. When working with the Valeo team, you will be supported by seasoned professionals who understand your industry and global business.

Think about how factual, timely market intelligence, captured directly from the source such as competitors, channel partners, and potential customers, can make a difference in your strategic planning. Beginning with your hypotheses, we examine the market and return highly customized insights that guide your choices and drive breakthrough strategies and market growth.

The Valeo ROI

Our consultations are fueled by actionable qualitative market insights. Not to be confused with quantitative surveys, we conduct deep, robust conversations with B2B market participants.

Our consultation does not end with providing market insights. Most importantly, we analyze our findings, in light of your key objectives, and provide recommendations that will guide you to real success and sustainable results.

We encourage you to speak with our many satisfied clients. You’ll be impressed with how we were able to help them make strategic decisions that achieved their goals.