Who’s in Your Final Four?
Strategy Gaming Lessons from the NCAA Basketball Championship

By Edward Hardy Payne

Forbes writer, Bryan Pearson, shared his thoughts in yesterday’s article “Final Four of Mass Retail: The Battle of Walmart, Kroger, Amazon and Target.” (Link to Forbes article.) It got us thinking, strategy professionals and market researchers should consider the lessons from this article, and ask themselves, “Who’s in our Final Four?”

Obviously, Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, and Target have many more competitors than one another. Likewise, you have many competitors. When developing a benchmarking game plan, we recommend limiting competitors to a manageable four. More than four can make the exercise too complex and ineffective. As there is never a perfect NCAA bracket, picking your Final Four can be a n endless exercise. Pick four.

The three games this weekend will be determined by who scores more points. For your Final Four, you need to pick ways to score (or in our example, how to compare). In the article, Mr. Pearson suggested criteria to measure these competitors. We suggest keeping score by measuring key metrics such as sales, EBITA, margins, etc. These will serve as a focal point when working to im- prove competitive performance. Here too we suggest keeping it simple, pick four.

As the article points out, team strategy and execution determine who scores the most. Be honest about your team’s ability to exe- cute, remember no 16 seeds have ever made it to the Final Four. This weekend, the “2019 NCAA Final Four” will come to an end, and we will have a National Champion. But, for the rest of us, our tournaments will continue well into the future. Therefore, you need to ask: “Who are our Final Four?


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