Frequently Asked Questions

What is your fee structure?
We offer varied fee structures including fixed fee, retainer and hourly rate. We will customize our fee structure to meet your requirements.
What are your deliverables?
Throughout each engagement, we regularly meet via teleconference to update you on our findings and early analyses. Final deliverables include professionally designed MS PowerPoint summaries of our findings, representative direct quotes from those we’ve interviewed, along with our recommendations and implications to your business.
How are engagements structured?
Typically we begin with a discussion of your goals and objectives. We then develop a detailed engagement scope and proposal for your review. Once approved, a qualified team will be assigned to work with you through to the end of the engagement. The team will include a senior executive, project manager and research analyst team.
May we see work sample?
It is our pleasure to provide you with samples of our work. As each engagement is completely customized, please provide us with a clear understanding of your requirements and we will identify and blind appropriate work samples for your review and consideration.
What are the costs?
Every engagement is priced based on the amount of time required to complete the engagement. We offer fixed fee, retainer, and hourly programs. An average engagement fee will range between $25k-$35k, with annual retainers averaging $75k-$150k+.
Will you provide references?
We understand the importance of speaking with our existing clients to better understand the value that we bring. So as not to overwhelm our clients with inquiries, we offer references as a final step, once we have provided a proposal for your consideration.
How long is a typical engagement?
Most consulting engagements require approximately eight weeks to complete from kick-off. Valeo also provides competitor monitoring services which span specified periods of time, such as one year.
To what extent do you guarantee your work?
It takes substantial planning to execute what is difficult market research to conduct. We go to great pains to achieve our goals, but it is possible we occasionally may not achieve 100% of the objectives. During our research design process, prior to delivering our proposal, we’ll help you understand the level of difficulty and likelihood various intelligence topics can be gathered.